How does SEO work on your site rank?

As SEO consultants, we provide SEO services to client businesses: Firstly, a thorough website review of the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Once we have a fuller understanding of your current online presence, we can develop a long term internet marketing strategy for your site.

How SEO works?

Our SEO approach

Site Research

Research into your industry keywords and buzzwords your target customers are searching: testing site configuration and speed, website backlinks and domain authority.

Understanding the top keywords, buzzwords, and key phrases, studying keyword search volume and difficulty for your industry means we can focus on optimising your site for those first.

SEO Tips for SME's or Small Businesses

Content is King

Well written content can be challenging, it needs your target keywords, but at the same time, needs to connect with your customers, remember content is king.

SERP's - Digitl marketers most important task, researching and developing catchy but optimised content for the search engine results page or SERP.

Site Speed

Site speed is critical; users search on a mobile device more than desktop computers. Checking your site in Google PageSpeed Insights will show how good or bad your website speed is. Ideally you want to be scoring 85% + for mobile devices.

Link Building

Building strong links from trusted sites is very important, quality over quantity. Website authority and trust is a long term strategy that will help your organic ranking many times over.

On-site SEO and Off-site SEO

OnSite - This all includes keywords, keyphrases, title tags, H tags, meta descriptions and internal linking.

OffSite - Backlinking and social media like, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and plenty more depending on your industry.

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