Ok, we're petrolheads with a passion for fast cars and old motorbikes, oh and we're experienced Automotive SEO Industry consultants, so let's work together.


Monster Footprint has an outstanding creative flair and a true understanding of what makes a web site work in regards to SEO. We have three Businesses and have worked with them for a while. We are now updating the 2nd version of our first web site and have a total of five web sites, all designed and optimised by them. Every time we have a web company promising to put us up the Google Ladder, I show them our web sites and they all admit there isn’t much to be improved on, short of paying Google, which we don’t have to. We recommend Pete for the design and SEO maintenance, it’s a long term partnership, not just a one off deal. Thanks Pete…..

Witney Plant


Design & Development - Vehicle designers, designing concepts, project prototypes, blueprint technical engine drawings and auto testing.

Manufacturing - Including the production of goods, parts assembly, material sourcing for this complex industry.

Sales & Digital Marketing - Motor dealerships, garage business services and car sales teams competing for promoting brands and the latest concepts within the fast moving automotive industry.


We will analyse your companies website content, backlinks, domain authority and social media. Then we will crunch the data into a digital SEO strategy marketing plan.

Once we have a plan, we can either guide you in what needs action on your website. Or we take control and implement the technical changes for you, leaving you to develop existing relationships and negotiate new ones.

Our SEO services team will get your business to the top of the search engines.

Getting top ranking results in Google for SEO can be challenging in the automotive industry. A well-executed strategy will drive organic traffic to your companies site.

The outcome, more online sales and increased market share for your automotive business.

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